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Here is one more thing you might check. The speedo in my 450slc would not move until about 30 mph. Then it would climb slowly to 60 and stay there. If you tapped the speedo face it would jump to the right speed. The problem was a loose screw in the speedo itself.

It is dead easy to fix. In the 450slc I have to pull off the steering wheel, which is not hard, (unless you have airbags) but I think in other MB's there is enough clearence between the dash and the wheel to get the panel out. Still, by removing the wheel you get more room to get behind the dash to remove connections.

Once the dash is out, the speedo assm. come away from the instrument cluster with 4 screws. Now you should have the speedo in your hand. There are 2 screws that hold the gear drive part to the dial and needle part. Remove these screws and look inside the gear part. Mine had a small screw in the upper center just above the drive magnet where the cable come in. In mine this screw had come out and was interfeering with the rotating magnetic wheel. I refitted the screw and have not heard a peep out of the speedo since.

The whole operation took about an hour. Remember, this was with an slc dash and may be different with yours.
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