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Bouncy Speedo...

Hi there,
This probably doesn't apply, but I just got done repairing an '80 VW cabriolet convertible's speedo that first started bouncing, then went to max and spun off the needle. The problem with it was that the needle shaft has a bushing in the rotating magnet inside the speedo, and the bushing dried up and bound, causing the aluminum disk that normally operates from the eddy current induced by the magnet to become attached to the speedo shaft through the bearing, ruining the entire speedo. I took several units apart before I found enough parts to make up another unit that would fit the car. As far as speedometer cables go, I have always (for over 45 years now) lubed them with light grease. I use IBM's #17, which is a very light grease that doesn't melt under heat, but only because I worked for IBM for 31 years. Any very light grease should work fine. I used to use oil, but it will eventually decompose the housing cover and run out the bottom.
I have a '77 Jag that had speedo problems, it had dry bearings on the odometer shafts, which made too much of a load on the cable, causing noise problems. Lubing it cured the problem immediately.

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