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I believe it is a leaky injector, quite possibly at the seal.

BTW, gas has a strong odor, and it doesn't take much of it to permeate the air. I am currently replacing a leaky fuel hose that had a small leak, but it seemed as though the car was bathed in gasoline!

I suspect the management system is compensating for the added fuel, and that is why you don't notice any performance anomalies. If the leak gets any worse, the car will not be able to compensate beyond some parameter, and the O2 sensor will probably discover that first and light up the "Check Engine" indicator.

Note that gasoline washes the oil off the cylinder walls, effectively exposing the metal components to friction due to lack of lubrication. Translation: premature engine wear.

The excess fuel has to be dealt with at the exhaust end as well, and this will shorten the life of the catalytic converter.

Get those seals taken care of soon...
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