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This post is amazing. I never knew so many people wore gloves, even the professional tech's.

I have a neighbor who wears gloves doing anything. I don't mean latex gloves, but just plain old ugly leather work gloves. I swear he could overhaul a watch with them on. He can pick up and start a 1/4 inch nut, no problem. I thought that he was a one in a million.

I never wear gloves except for rough jobs like hauling wood, brush, fixing fence(the barb wire hurts otherwise). Of course, most of the time, my hands look they've been through a meat grinder, and I'm sure that anyone I shake hands with, immediately take me for a corn husker.

I don't know if this old dog can learn such a new trick. Since I don't have any watch overhauls coming up soon, maybe I'll give it a try.

Gloves, wow,
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