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There are three basic types of liners readily available.
1. Cotton Lisle - lightweight, two piece, usually unhemmed, sort-of-washable. Full/half fingered = Approx. Range $4 to $6 for 10 pairs.
2. Tricot knit - lightweight, two piece, usually hemmed, washable, lint-free. Stretchy, so they conform easily to your hand. Full/half fingered = Approx. $16 for 10 pairs.
3. PHA (Poly-Hexamethylene-Adipamide) stretch nylon - lightweight, seamless, washable, lint-free, available as static dissipative. Extremely comfortable. Full fingered = Approx. $16-$18 for 5 pairs.

Generally referred to as glove liners or inspection gloves. I recommend the tricot and PHA gloves for most jobs. I use the half fingered tricot most of the time and the PHA if I'm going to be in them all day. If it's really nasty and/or you are likely to tear the glove, go with cheap cotton.

Prices shown are retail and higher than you could find with a little looking.

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