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Not fifteen minutes ago I learned a painful downside to using latex gloves - once they get oily, they become very slippery!

I had just removed the return line from the steering pump and was trying to get the pressure line. As I positioned the wrench, a small amount of residual fluid from the return line ran out on the glove. When the fitting came loose, my hand slipped right down the wrench, with my thumb jitting that nice sharp corner of the hand brake linkage.

The gloves did keep the grease and crud out of the wound, and kept the blood inside the glove. Actually got lucky, only separated the nail, rather deeply though. After a few choice words and cool water, I switched to the gripper type gloves, proceeded extra slow and finished the removal.

I will change gloves whenever they get any lubricating liquid on them to minimize this downside.

On the plus side, the hands are very clean right now. Thanks for starting this discussion.

Mike Tangas
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