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Originally Posted by vstech View Post
I recommend pulling the head, and having it tested. the 2.5T motors are fairly durable, but overheating will kill them dead. DO NOT ASK HOW I KNOW!!!

some have pulled the valve cover, and retorqued the bolts IN THE CORRECT SEQUENCE!!! and staved off pulling the head. it's worth a try.
Thanks for the advice,that is tempting do you think that's even worth a shot though in this extreme of a case? The thing that's weird is that when I went to look at the car I checked the reservoir tank and looked at the coolant and it looked fine! There were no signs of oil in the tank whatsoever,is it possible corrosion set in while the car was sitting and took the HG out? If so that's promising as the car was never run with it bad,and also the oil looked fine.No milkshake or anything...
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