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Thank you everyone for your advice,and yes this was the car that was for sale in Jacksonville.I am located in Perry,FL, I will be well chuffed if all it needs is a HG and other minor repairs,great news that I didn't over-pay given it's current state.

I really do like the car (third time I've said that? lol that must mean something),so any part-out will be avoided unless of course the engine is bad(cracked or damaged block/liner),given the price of a good used engine. Cheapest one I saw was over $1300! I could do a compression test and all that,but at this point it's certain there is some serious HG problems so I'm going to tear into it when the tool shows up in the mail as soon as I can.(A diesel compression tester would run me $50,which would be nice but I'm sure the problem will be obvious once the head is off)No coolant was registering on the dipstick. I'm not going to hurry the process and I'm going to do as much research about it as possible until my head hurts lol,I've done HG job's before and this one looks fairly straight forward.Biggest thing I'm worried about is the pin removal,and that big hex bolt. I'm going to be really careful to make sure I don't break any studs or head-bolts!

I was looking at the head-gasket kit's and I saw where PP sells the OEM Mercedes kit for ~$60! That's fantastic,I'm sure there will be other parts I will need (going to check timing chain slack,etc) but if this will only cost a couple hundred dollars that'd be amazing.

Thank you again guys,
I'll have an update sometime next week on the shape of the engine.
-fingers crossed!-
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