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Here are some items that are typically overlooked but can be critical:

80A glow plug relay strip fuse.

5 lug bolts of correct size for spare wheel (if different than road wheels) and an extendable lug wrench with correct socket size for ease of use.

Extra set of single filament 21w bulbs. Worst case, use one or both reverse bulbs as a spare for the brake lights and rear turn signals.

Extra fuel filler cap, which can double as an oil filler cap if either gets lost.

Bright LED flashlight (my LED Maglite w/ the same batteries still works after many years of storage in my glovebox). Some units are programmable to flash "SOS" in an emergency at night.

Fire extinguisher.

Extra key (I carry a duplicate brass key in my wallet at all times).

Portable jump starter - typically also has an air compressor.
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