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Originally Posted by rocky raccoon View Post
Your trunk may not be big enough to keep all that recommended stuff in it. It can all be replaced with one Auto Club or credit card. Depending where you are, I doubt that you will be able to perform a lot of the maintenance roadside anyway.

Better yet, get your car reliable enough so you can confidently go anywhere. I am not a collector but just like to drive and maintain old oil burner Benz. My current daily driver is an 83 with 319000 miles and nothing is in the trunk but the factory tool kit. In the four years I have had it I have only had to call for help once due to my own stupidity for leaving the headlights on.

But, this is not about me. Your results may vary.
I strongly second this.

I can see having a few extra bulbs, fuses, maybe even an accessory belt if you are going on a looooooong road trip.

If there are any questionable parts on your car, you should change them BEFORE you leave.

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