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Post Travel Supplies

In addition to the clear plastic fuel intake screen , I always carry a spare clamp for it as I occasionally drop one but -only- if it's pitch black out side and I'm over gravel....

The complete factory tool kit contains the ?23? MM wrench necessary to change the secondary fuel filter but that's a rare need .

Wheel chocks are very important because you cannot chose where you're going to need to change a flat tire .

I only carry perfect spares , never old bald junk tires because you never know how far you're going to need to go on it .

I can't imagine having a non matching spare road wheel ~ that's foolish as wheels are cheap .

We travel far and wide in our old Mercedes diesels , they're far from show queens or restored but rarely have any serious issues because I take the time to look around under the hood every fillup....

Be PRO ACTIVE not re active ~ it's cheaper , easier and SWMBO won't yell at you in the odd chance it gives any troubles .
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