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Well, let's see. Check the radiator in the center after the car has warmed up. If it's cooler than the block or head then you've got circulation problems. As always, to eliminate some components it is easier to remove the thermostat and see what happens when it gets hot. if it's not too hot, then the t-stat is no good. If it remains hot, the you gots to keep looking. with the t-stat out, remove the clamp from the upper radiator hose (being careful to do this with the cap off and the engine stopped so you don't burn yourself). Start the engine and if the water pump is functioning, you should see a rather substantial gush of coolant leave the end of the hose. If not, then you've found your problem. Good luck and please be careful. BTW, when you say the radiator was repaired, what was done to it and was it checked by the shop after they finished the repair. That could also be a problem. Also, you might just have a ton of air in the cooling system and it's air bound. Check that slso...

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