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Originally Posted by BillGrissom View Post
Same here. Sacramento County outlawed traditional windshield fluid so almost all is "+32 F", i.e. water + blue dye. The exception is I have seen motor home "winter fill" suspiciously close on the shelves, and it says something like "-30 F". I just fill my cars w/ 1 gal distilled water + 1 pint of rubbing alcohol from the dollar store. I like the wintergreen one since the green dye insures I didn't forget a pint. Not just the cost, but I worry that if the fluid freezes it could damage parts, and I doubt the County would reimburse you. Alcohol is a fairly natural substance, so not sure what the environmental concern is.
Washer fluid in the standard states contains Methanol. Methanol is toxic to humans. California decided the danger of kids drinking washer fluid is too great and therefore they don't trust you to buy real washer fluid.
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