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Thanks Q and all that have responded.
I spoke to my mechanic back home this morning and he was not
alerted by the symptom of noise from the pump. He said that noise as I described did not indicate a failing fuel pump.
However, he asked if it had back fired when restarted after the shut down (no), and whether it was surging or had lousy acceleration. I don't experience this other than the normal
uneven idle with the trans in Park.
He advised me to drive it around before deciding on service.
i.e. pump replacement.
So, I have driven it about 23 miles on freeway averaging 75 MPH
on the night after I got it started up to get home and today I drove it for about 25 miles averaging 55 MPH. Total drive time so far about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Successfully.
So, I plan to continue using the car and observing.
I'll put some Red Line Total fuel treatment in tomorrow before freeway testing.
It may have passed some blockage debri temporaneously or perhaps was some bad gas, i.e. water globule or other.

I'll post outcomes.
If I make it back next week to San Francisco, I will have the mechanic check it out.
When it failed Sat. night, the ambient temp was about 60 F
or a bit less. It is about 63F during the day right now.
I will keep an eye on the relay as well, so I appreciate the
relay jump tip in case I need to resort to that on the way home later.
I'll pack some wire but I don't really know the jump sequence. Q?

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