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Couple of follow up questions. I'm finally ready to register and roll this car out to a new home. Unfortunately I can't do any real work on it where it is now so my question is around what the minimal I need to do is, to get it moved about 150 miles (across the LIE in NY out to the end of Long Island).

As a reminder, it sat for 5 years but seemed to start up fine and moved forward and back about 30 feet just fine. The fluids and half tank of diesel are all original to when it was parked in 2010.

The read exhaust hangers cracked and fell off so I'll replace those, I'll also make sure the tires hold air and are safe, and I may even change the hood star.

Besides the above, can I drive it as is with the existing fluids (at the right levels) and a top off of diesel? Should I dump some seafom in the tank? Anything else that might leave me stranded on the side of the road? That's the only thing I want to avoid. Once I get it into my garage I can do all the work I need, I just need to get it there.


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