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Freeking, Grack, Scream

I filled the 240D fuel tank Monday noon.
Drove three days 36 miles = 108 miles total.

Arrived home Thursday morning and noticed / realized the fuel guage was in reserve.

Went to the fuel station, discovered fuel tank cap is gone , and put in 15 gallons of diesel.

Returned home, go to the garage, and find 1983 300D and 1984 190D fuel doors open with cap lying on the ground.

Both cars had been full, and are now empty, put the caps back on..

Got a spare fuel cap from the garage and put it on the 240D.

Checking receipts + a little math tells me someone siphoned all three of these cars

1980 240D 15 Gallons
1984 190D 13 Gallons
1980 300D 19 Gallons

For a total of 47 gallons of diesel.

The really stupid fact, I am more ticked off over the stolen factory 240D fuel cap.

I may put locking fuel caps on, despite the frozen lock risk.
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