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Hi Mike,

Sure enough you're right. Boy that's embarassing, I'm not sure how I put 2+2 together to get 5 but I suppose I did.

My appologies to Thomas, please don't let the fact that I put the WRONG NAME on your work detract at all from my respect and admiration (hehe- shessh I'm an idiot). Both of your postings have been enourmously helpful already and I'm sure that I wouldn't be nearly so eager to attempt tackling these kind of repairs if a resource like this board didn't exist.

As a way of familiarizing myself with all of the relavent issues and proceedures I've been compiling many of the relavent posts on various issues into a Word document in order to provide a highly detailed discription of the repair process. For instance there are dozens of posts on Valve Stem Seal Replacement that discribe in greater or lesser detail how the process should work step by step. Different people tend to focus on different issues and so by cobbling all of their discriptions together I'm starting to produce a pretty 'comprenhensive' guide.

Anyway I can't take any credit for the work since they aren't my 'ideas' but I do think it might be a valuable resource for other new-bee's like me and I'd be happy to donate this document to whoever would be willing to post it, if they think it's good enough. Mostly I just hate to be a leech and I'd like to give back where possible.

Thanks again!!

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