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W210 E300 Transmission Questions

The transmission my car has always been slow to downshift to first at a dead stop. For instance, if I stop at a stop sign and then start up again in less then about 2 seconds, the transmission will try to start in its current gear and then slam into first. I know how to drive the car, so I allow for it, but I don't think I should have to. It has done this since new. The transmission controller was replaced in the first year of ownership to cure some other odd behavior, but this trait has persisted. I also had the dealer change the fluid at 75K miles, but that also made no difference.

Is this normal? Should I just live with it? Have I somehow "trained" the transmission to downshift slowly? If so, how can I retrain it without having it slam at every stop?

The car is going to the dealer for service next week, so I'd like to know whether to complain about this. At 88K miles, time is running out on my MB extended warranty. Thanks for your insight.
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