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To replace the center vent light bulb, the vent will have to come out. There is a little screw (hex I think) on the rightside of the vent wheel. You can see it by looking thru the vent. This holds the linkage for the flappers to the wheel. Remove this screw. The vent also has a phillips screw on the right side (visible with glove box door open). Remove this screw. The vent has little clips n the top and bottom which hold it in place. These can be released with a thin flat blade screwdriver or pointed object. Remove the vent. The light socket is on the lower back of the vent assy. Pull it out and replace the bulb. Reassemble with a gentle touch and great care. BTW, on the glove box question, if it's not working, how do you know the bulb and switch are OK??

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