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Question 126 ABS light - static like noise follows

Monday on the way in to work, I started to receive some kick-back in the brake pedal when nearly at a stop. Later that afternoon, the ABS light came on once underway. It illuminates at start-up, then immediately goes out. After I've drive a short distance it reappears.

Seeing 13.95 volts with VOM on 20 scale first thing in the am - charging is ok. I replaced the volt. reg. about 6 months ago with a new OEM Bosch unit. Read that the OVP is suspect, but I wonder. Fuse is ok. I believe the OVP also powers CIS-E. If the OVP were sick, would the car also exhibit running problems?

Dug around the archives here for info + read ABS doc on the 126 CD-Rom.

I suspected I'd end up taking it to a shop with an ABS tester, but decided to pull/clean both front speed sensors for the heck of it. The left was really dirty - cleaned thoroughly with brake parts cleaner. The right wasn't as dirty - also cleaned, reinstalled, ensuring to fully seat, then went for a test drive. Same deal - I get the kick-back in the brake pedal at the first stop, followed by the reappearance of the ABS light. If I stop the car and restart, the light appears only at start-up for a sec. as always, then goes out 'til I've driven a short distance.

I'm hearing a noticable sound that seems to be coming from just under the dash or the hood - maybe from the ABS controller? It sounds like muffled static - a very intermittent, yet consistent sound that starts at about 25 mph. If I barely tap the brake pedal, the sound diminishes quite a bit and more or less disappears if I apply slightly harder brake pressure.

This racket came about when the ABS light first surfaced yesterday. Rotors and pads look good - brake fluid reservoir full.

This buggy is going to the local pro soon for diagnosis; nonetheless, I'm curious about the sound just described?

Would appreciate the lists wisdom on what I'm hearing?

Thanks for your time.
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