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They made it right!

To follow up to the earlier posts, Mercedes has reimbursed me for the $500 I spent (back in January 2013!) on the first (of three) replacement monovalves (all of which cracked and leaked). This reimbursement happened when the local service manager, Nick Stauer, of Mercedes-Benz Santa Rosa (California), spoke to the new factory rep for our area. She agreed to put in a request for a "reimbursement for leaking monovalve" (their words) and it was honored. I got the check yesterday.

This was on top of replacing the monovalve once themselves at no cost to me. Their replacement lasted less than a month but it confirmed I wasn't doing anything wrong when I did the work. Their actions are definitely above and beyond what one expects from car dealerships. I am pleased. All hail Nick Stauer and Mercedez-Benz of Santa Rosa (aka Smothers European).

That it took three years is unfortunate (better for them if I had sold the car or died or moved away). Once I had patched the original monovalve (stopping the leak) the pressure was off and I didn't push as hard as I might have.

It also suggests that the factory has no intention of getting their subcontractor to build a new, non-cracking part. This I expected from the beginning; why go to a lot of work to re-design a one-off component used in 3,000 cars 20 years ago? BTW, a new monovalve/pump (001-830-40-84) is now $900 or so I've been told. Caveat emptor!

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Anyone have a cracked monovalve in either 300D-2.5 or E300D? (W124)

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