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Exclamation Warning: Brace Yourselves for Anti-German Backlash

Yesterday, my hood star was torn off of my car in a parking garage. My first thought was that it was random vandalism.

Today I read in BrandWeek magazine (you marketing/advertising folks out there are surely familiar with it) about U.S. backlash against German products and companies, because of their stand on U.S. action against Iraq, and put 2 and 2 together.

Don't be surprised if you find more door dings, "stolen" ornaments/emblems, sratches, etc. than usual because of the small-mindedness of people who are "expressing their opinions" about Germans via damage to your vehicle. (A friend with a new CLK 430 just told me that her's was keyed! )

When parking in a garage or elsewhere, be sure to be in a very visible area where people are less likely . Perhaps pull up as close to a wall as possible, so no one can gain the levereage necessary to yank your star off in the first place.

It's sad that there are dumb-asses who do such things.
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