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I have rebuilt (well, technically about 85%, still doing some custom finishing touches) a KKK K24 turbo off an OM603. KKK is now owned by BorgWarner and seem to use some of the same parts. I used a KKK kit from Midwest Turbo Connection to do the rebuild, new bearings and seals. Did not really need the bearings, but I did it while replacing all the seals (the exhaust side are fragile cast iron piston rings). This does not include seals external to the turbo, like oil supply/drain gaskets, those are in the MB gasket sets.

The first thing to determine is if the major components are still usable (turbines/shaft/housing). You can check the blades externally, you kind of have to bit the bullet and disassemble to check for shaft wear/scoring. If any of the are damaged, you can get replacements but things will have to be rebalanced, probably not worth doing on your own, possibly you should send it to MTC/etc. to have them rebuild it. In my case the turbo did not have much use, but it was frozen and filled with corrosion due to a blown head and water left in the exhaust manifold.

OM603 K24 turbo:

Disassembling the turbo. No damage the turbines are good, but the shaft is locked solidly. I also removed the exhaust bypass valve assembly. This is not something you want to do if possible, but mine was rusted shut and non-functional. It has pressed in seals and I have yet to find replacements for the damaged bellows. The housings were cleaned/sandblasted/honed in prep for reassembly.

Rotor removed, cleaned up, and then old bearings/seals lightly reassembled in approximate running position of all the components (excepting the exhaust side seals that sit in grooves on the exhaust turbine and oil deflector). The exhaust seals were rusted and destroyed during removal. In this case the old bearings were in good shape, really just needed the seals but the kit comes with it all.

Followed by the turbines/shaft and new seals/bearings:
- Exhaust turbine and shaft, compressor turbine, end nut
- exhaust oil seals (cast iron piston rings), compressor-end oil deflector, outboard oil ring, compressor seal
- exhaust-end bearing/retainers, compressor-end bearing/retainers, inboard thrust plate, spacer, thrust bearing, outboard thrust plate

The thrust bearing assembly. Oil under pressure flows thru the housing and out the shaft bearings and a slot behind the thrust bearing. The back of the thrust bearing has a groove that collects the oil and directs it thru tiny drilled holes to the thrust bearing running surfaces.

Thrust bearing in the housing with inboard plate/spacer and then the outboard plate/oil deflector.

Refreshed turbine assembled and ready for the housing. The main body was painted with engine black, instead of the original bare steel. The exhaust housing was coated with high-temp ceramic paint. I don't seem to have any pictures of the cleaned up housing or exhaust bypass at the moment.
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