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This has been a very educational experience.

I appreciate all the responses that came in, and with the articles on the FTC settlement.

As I have mentioned earlier, I intend to conclude a testing of this product (since I don't have to pay for it). I am in a position to make comparisons with my fuel/mileage record for the past months.

The 126 is my daily drive and on average runs 4,000 miles a month. If at the end of this exercise I find that the mileage has somewhat not improved, then the devises shall be removed and conclude that it is indeed a kinda fiction.

However, if I do register a savings of even 10%, thus pushing my mileage median to the range of 5.0 to 5.5 average, topping 5.8, then my next move would be to see how the engine condition is.

For the running of this test, I shall drive and pump like usual - and no, I am not going to put in any fuel additives or cleaner as suggested.

I have been thinking of this device the whole of this morning and wonder if I put two magnets together on a running tap - would there be any difference in the flow of water?

Can anyone try this out?

The second possibility would be the restriction of fuel supply - as the magnetic field could act as a resistor field?

Lets look at this from an analytical point of view.
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