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I'm not a 2.6 expert, but it's merely a 103 motor with a smaller bore than the 3.0 motor I have. I'll try to help.

Start car and turn on A/C. Pop the hood. Looking at the car from the front and more to the right side, start looking downward. Follow the serpentine belt to the A/C compressor which will be the lowest mounted device with a pulley on it that the serpentine belt wraps around. The serpentine belt of course drives a number of devices - power steering, A/C, Alternator, etc.

On the front of the A/C compressor is what's called a clutch. When you activate the system from within the cabin of your car AND all is well, the clutch will engage the compressor and spin.
When the temperature reaches a given level, the system will deactivate the clutch and you'll see the A/C compressor pulley spinning by way of the serpentine belt as it always will, BUT the clutch will no longer be spinning.

If this clutch NEVER engages, the system will not cool. There's quite a long list of things that will cause a vehicles A/C system not to cool, but for starters, the compressor clutch has got to engage so the compressor will begin the flow of refrigerant throughout the system.

I suspect you live in the southern hemisphere. I envy you right now. It would be great to have to turn on the A/C.

Can't wait for summer.
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