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TPS looks fine as does the connector. Can anyone explain exactly how this TPS actually functions? The mechanics are working fine and the cable to the pedal works as is should.
I want to try every other option prior to pulling the diesel pump only to find it's something else causing the problem.
So far I think I need to go in the following order but if anyone spots something I've missed feel free to let me know.
1. TPS and wiring
2. ECU?
Now here I'm thinking that these two could be the problem as the car I believe should return to idle if I put my foot on the brake pedal??? I.e the ECU should over ride the TPS and return to normal idle if it detects the brake pedal is pressed???
3. The Injectors.
4. The Fuel delivery valves (although when the problem started the first thing I did was to change the seals and copper washers on these)
5. The fuel pump. Could something mechanical inside be stuck wide open pushing full fuel? I'm leaning towards this as the fuel seems to be really shooting out of all high pressure lines (I disconnected these to see if I had a problem with just one fuel delivery valve.

As to the history of the car.....
To cut a very long story short.
I'm a part time mechanic and had done quite a bit of work on this car as it wouldn't start. It had been to a number garages etc and the previous owners didn't have a lot of money so tried to get the car up and running on the cheap. The upper engine loom has been replaced but I think my 9 year old could have done a better job! I've ordered a new loom so need that in order to at least have a solid base to work from. Should be here any day now.

The story behind this revving was that it starting doing this then ran fine for a few days. The oil cooler then blew off the car. This was replaced then ever since it's constantly done the high revving.
Engine compression is fine on all cylinders so I don't believe it's running away on oil. Plus it shuts down as soon as the key is turned off.

I'm reluctant to start the car until I've diagnosed the problem but could anyone tell me what would happen if you try to start the car with the TPS disconnected??? I'm prepared to give this a try if it would 100% rule out a problem with the TPS. Would the ECU take over and idle the car or would it just not start.
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