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Old 03-06-2003, 09:37 AM
Jason M.
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300E Y-pipe

Would have posted this in perf. paddock, but more 124 guys are in this forum..

I've read that a couple of the 300Es on the site are running y-pipes instead of center mufflers, I was under the impression that time-valve was the one making them.

Well, I called them today credit card in hand to have one fabricated, and they were adamant about not replacing the center muffler w/ a Y... I did point out that the y pipe in no way affected or bypassed any catalytic converter or o2 sensor... but to no avail..

Who made yours? I really wanted to get one in stainless (rules out most muffler shops) and I have a mig welder myself, but no access to a pipe bender

Any ideas or leads would be greatly appreciated


Jason McNeese
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