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So I took the back off the IP to access the wiring connections. It was half full of oil and the electrical connections were also covered in oil. Is this normal? Also I can't see where you could fill the oil once i've put it back together so can only presume the oil would come from the engine???
If there isn't supposed to be oil in this section of the pump then possibly I've got a leaking seal somewhere but surely that would mean I'd be getting diesel in there and not oil! Perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree here but any advice would be great.
Also I'm trying to get my head around how the IP works. I'm guessing I can't try to start the car with the back off the pump??
I've attached some pictures so hopefully than may help if someone spots something that looks out of place.
On one of the pics you can just see that there is a (thinner than the rest) black cable that looks like it's cut but I can't see anywhere that this would connect to. Any ideas what if anything this is for?
The Square pin that I'm pointing to in the image connects onto the device that looks like it moves in and out to adjust the fuel through the pump. Can anyone confirm if this should be movable? I tried with ignition on but nothing happens. I'm wanting to check nothing is jammed inside the IP.
I've sprayed with electrical cleaner and I'm planning to put the IP back together and see if it works but I'll wait until tomorrow in case anyone has any advice as to what I should be looking for inside the rear case of the IP.
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