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Originally Posted by Dan Stokes View Post
An oversimplification but basically the ALDA adds fuel when under boost so removing it takes away fuel under boost.
I was under the impression the ALDA limited fuel off boost.
I've removed several, and when the little rod is pushed down (as it would be by the aneroid capsule) it severely limits power, but if the rod is extended upwards (its been spring loaded on all the pumps I've pulled them off of) then you get full fueling off boost, which in every car I have makes a slight puff of black on a full throttle acceleration from a dead stop, slightly better off the line and no difference on boost.

Also, on my grey car it would not idle well when cold, I had to hold my foot on the throttle to keep it from stalling, removing the alda eliminated this.

As a note, my "removal" consists of removing, disassembling, taking out the lower aneroid capsule, reassembling and installing back onto the pump, plugging the inlet and routing the boost line to a gauge.

Perhaps you have run into a different setup than I've had on my 80 and 82 617s.
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