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hello please help

yep just had that problem a couple of weeks ago. i'm the guy in that first thread.

this was my first experience with a benz so i was somewhat nervous about messing the threads in the block up. and i've been working on cars and trucks since the 60's.

after i tried several approaches i went home to think about it and when i came back i got my largest set of sockets out and got a 3 foot pipe cheater bar and said to my self: BRUTE FORCE AND IGNORANCE WILL SUCCED WHEN CLEVERNESS FAILS. took a breath and snap the socket head broke loose.

here is that first thread camshaft bearing torque HELP!

there was no slowly backing out. it was snap and i could amost use my fingers the rest of the way. And there was no tell tale signs of aluminum block on the threads of the bolt. i did see some drops of condensation but mostly just a well zinc coated bolt.

on installation i did use a never seize compound. go to napa auto and get the bottle used for aluminum. while you are there pick up some assembly grease for cams. it's in a squirt bottle and use it very liberally on all the surface of the lobes and journals. also i hope you got new rocker arms this is an absolute must for new cams. also don't forget to raise the rpm up to say 1500 - 2000 rpms for 20 or so minutes to properly break the new cam in. otherwise you may damage the lobes/rockers all over again. i also put all new oil tube plastic on both sides.

i'm curious which rocker/lobe went on yours was it the front half or back half. my was the back half 3rd cylinder from the front on pass side. i considered enlarging the hole in the tube for the back 2 cylinders cause i'm am thinking that the oil path may feed from the front to the rear.

well good luck
Thanks Much!

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