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Also, I have to unlock the door manually and IT HAS to be from the passanger side because the driver side doesn't lift when I put the key in there. And when I unlock the key from the passanger side, the driver side is still locked and so are all the other doors. So basically it is a headache having to unlock all the doors manually with your hands after you unlock the passanger side. Any ideas on how to reset/fix this so it will work.

Another problem I want to mention is that when I push the window down for the passanger side, it only goes half way down but all other windows work fine. How can I fix this problem too. There is a major electric problem with the car because alot of lights are not working (interior). How would I go about resetting everything to normal settings? Would this fix my problems? Also, where are some good place to buy new/used parts for this car?

Thanks again in advance.
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