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I seem to recall reading about the 108 body 280SE 4.5 some time ago in The Star magazine, and seeing that the Daimler-Benz engineers considered it to be the best car ever to roll out of the factory. I certainly like them myself, and came very close to buying a '73 280SEL 4.5 once, but when I saw the 6.9 the next day, the choice was obvious for me. Anyhow, they are, indeed cool cars to have. Plenty of power, poor fuel economy, and a timeless look. For $600 you can't really go wrong if the body is reasonably sound. If it's shot, forget about even restoring it. These models are waaay too numerous to justify a restoration. En engine should be an easy find as there are also plenty of the 108 bodied cars in breaker yards. Buy it, play with it, and if it needs serious work, take the hit (at least it'll be a minor one), or, should you feel the urge, get involved with it and bring back another vintage Benz on the road! I always like to see that! Just my $0.02

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