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I have been seriously considering the purchase of one of two '63 190 sedans lately. I love the 110 chassis for it's clean looks and have always wanted one. Now that my beloved W116 300SD's body is beginning to deteriorate beyond reasonable repair, I need to start looking for another cool daily driver. One of these 190s is a diesel (which will probably be my first choice between the two) and the other is the gasoline powered equivalent. I'd like to put one of these very vintage MBs through it's paces during everyday use and see how well it will still withstand the usage. If anybody out there has any ownership insight to offer on these models, please feel free to share it with me, as I'm thinking that this particular diesel 190 should be purchased and put away till the time comes to say goodbye to the SD (of course, I'll probably wind up sticking the SD behind the stable, as I don't think I could bear to see it go to the breaker yard!)

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