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Wow, I just keep learning

Well, another lesson learned.
I was wondering why my Duty Cycle was at 30% with the ignition on engine off. After reading this post I realized my meter reads duty cycle, but the opposite way (Off/On). And no option to inverse the reading.
To make sure, I disconnected the coolant temp. sensor with the engine idling and it got locked at 70% (the manual states a fault for the device at 30%). Hmmm??!!, makes sense.
I tried another test for assurance, my meter reads a duty cycle at idle and 2500 RPM of 40-50%.
So in reality it is 50-60% (slightly lean); I measured the current at EHA and oscillates between 0 to +1.2 mA. A positive current means a compensation for a lean condition. (The opposite of -3 mA for a 38% rich condition, from stevebfl article in the DIY section).
I hope this helps someone out there.
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