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Well, I found out that the diesel one has been sold, but I spoke to the fellow with the gasoline one. Here's what he told me:

Originally took delivery of it in Germany and drove it all through Europe (documanted in maintenance booklet). Brought it back (port of entry was New York) and drove it cross country to California which is where it has been ever since. A new engine was put in around 25 years ago and it runs strongly and the tranny (4-speed on the column) shifts great. The body is completely rust free and is in great shape. It's white with red MB-Tex interior which is also in great shape. A few things needed on the car: Front and rear MB star logos, rear brake shoes and hoses, clutch slave cylinder, possibly new tires, and to make it perfect, a fresh coat of paint. Otherwise, he said it's a hoot to drive (although slow) and would make a cool runner. He's asking $2,900 which seems reasonable to me considering I'm not going to actually retire my 300SD for at least a couple more years so I can fix the 190 up in the meantime. My only problem is taking delivery of the car. I'd perfer to fly out there and drive it back (I've done it this way with just about all of my cars), but I just don't have the time to do it. So I'll be calling some carriers this week to find out about shipping from San Fran to Cleveland. BTW, anyone out in the SF area care to have a look at this car for me? I'd be happy to compensate you for your time. Thanks fellas for the replies!!

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