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Originally posted by tkamiya
My opinions are only based on what they advertise on TV...

The tv ad shows that MaxLife oil helps seal the valve stem by expanding the valve guide. Then it goes on to say the mileage that if they where on Mercedes-Benz engines, it would be considered mid-life.

If Mercedes-Benz engine has 80K miles (or something), it is considered still young. 100K miles are considered early mid-life. Most critical parts are sure to go on much longer provided they have not been abused. On many other cars, 100K would be considered high-miles.

Mercedes-Benz owners are likely to replace the valve guide or whatever is worn and keep on going. Other car owners are likely to do a patch job and prepare for eventual (soon?) trade in of the vehicle.

I personally would prefer to fix what is wrong, use good quality oil, and change it often. That's MY opinion.

Well tkamiya, I commend you for you logical thinking . . . UNFORTUNATELY, YOUR and MY old school thinking holds little water with MOST of TODAYS MB OWNERS . . . They want to EAT the goose that laid the golden egg and have a dozen EXTRA LARGE left on their doorstep every morning . . .
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