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SAAB vice Mercedes?

What are the merits of the SAAB 9000 vice Mercedes, 1990 years?
Today I was run off the road in my 240D with my family in it by a smart ass kid driving an Audi. I literally had to pull bushes out of my Grille.
I always had the idea of putting a Turbo V8 in my 240D.
Believe me I love my Mercedes Diesels but I am tired of getting my A__ kicked by smart a__ kids driving their parents Maxima's and Acuras and Accords and trying to run me off the road.
I will always stand by my 240D loyally.
But I want Payback. I'm still young. I'm tired of someone with a $30,000 car flexing his or her wallet.

I cant find a Mercedes sports car like the 240D. Many people are pointing me to the SAAB 9000 as a car that can bought for less than 2 grand and can be modified , and still look dignified like a Mercedes. I would like to overhaul the engine and boost it to 270 HP.
The next time some kid does this to me, i am going to chase him to his rich Dads house and drain his oil.
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