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Re: No Reverse 1992 300se

Originally posted by MINMAX
I checked the fluid but can't seem to get a good reading...franky never either looks way past full or too low...Is there a trick that I'm missing to get an accurate reading on how much fluid is in the tranny? The fluid that came out of the car doesn't smell bad and was the correct color. I did notice that dip stick and filler tube seemed to be abnormally hot. Is it possible that there is simply not enough fluid in the tranny or was that noise a prelude to having some major tranny work. I'm bumming out that harness bull set me back a "G".
Trans. Fluid should be checked at OPERATING temp. after a 10-15 mile drive to FULLY warm and EXPAND the fluid . . . A SLIGHTLY LOW LEVEL is OK . . . A HIGH level should be drained to correct it . . .

There is an UPDATED Dipstick which has TEMP indicators printed on it . . .
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