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It sounds to me like what you need to do is adjust the upper doorframe. To do this, lower the window until it is completely inside the door. Ideally you want to block the door from completely closing so you can gently apply force to the offending upper corner of the door frame. This is all under the presumption that it is just the upper window frame that has the problem, not the whole door.

The way I do it is to find a hard piece of wood and put in between the door jam lock mount and the door lock. You want enough room to bend the frame over slight to move it in wards.

Other I know do this adjustment by carefully putting their foot on the out side edge and pulling the offending door frame edge towards them.

Either way, do it a little at a time. You should see how the edge lines up with the rear door leading edge, next to it. Sometimes are fairly good pull is needed.

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