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I'm just going by my generic knowledge, NOT experience with this trans.

I'll guess that that snap ring positions the shaft and does not retain it so it probably doesn't need to come out to pull the shaft (looks like the mainshaft in the pics). Have you pulled the output shaft case yet? Good chance that once everything is removed the shaft in question slides out the front with that snap ring in place. If you look at the case that bolts up to the flat surface in the pics you'll likely see that the snap ring is retained by being trapped between the snap ring groove and that front case.

Anyhow, if you come at the trans from the other end you may find that once you clear out the other shafts and gears the (what appears to be) mainshaft will come right out. More than likely the countershaft and reverse mechanism will have to come out first if what I'm looking at is what I THINK I'm looking at.

Again, I'm just going by generic knowledge here so I'm making a disclaimer.

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