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Thanks for the early replies, guys. Here is where things stand.
We used the new master link to reattach the old chain to see if the chain would move again...and the chain was one link short. So, we wiggled and jiggled and got the chain back up to being its full length. Crankshaft still wont move more than three or four inches of chain, either direction. So now, old chain is attached and still wont turn.

Based on the responses - I am thinking two possible issues:
1. Chain is still boogered (what a great word) at the lower sprocket which is stopping the crank from turning. (ala Donnie, et al)
2. Pistons are coming up and touching the valves. (ala Steve and Jeff)

So, I have two follow-up questions:
- If I drop the oil pan, will I be able to see the bottom of the chain and how it is connected and if it is ok?
- If the pistons are touching, why does the cam turn freely when I remove the chain and just crank it with its side bolt. If turning the crank made the pistons hit valves...wouldn't turning the camshaft make those valves hit the pistons, too?

At most, she was dropped two teeth out of sync between cam and crank.

Thanks for all the help thus far...

- John

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