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Thanks. The Evo is LHD fwiw, all Evo's were LHD.

I did some more testing. Can someone please tell me what these figures mean?

I hooked up my Dwell meter on it's % reading to pin 3 of the X11 and to chassis ground. Initially on cold start I saw a reading of between 49.3 and 49.7%. It didn't fluctuate much at all, maybe a tenth every minute or so up or down. I then disconnected what I guess to be the ECT sensor, it's a large black plastic covered connector with 4 pins. There are two other connectors in the same location a single pin and a dual pole exposed connector. When I removed the plug to the 4 pin connector the engine started to run badly and the reading dropped to around 28.7%. This is where it gets weird. When I reconnected the sensor the readings started to jump all over the place from 0.8% to up to 50% but mostly in the 20-40% region. The engine still seemed to run smoothly. I read that 50% is cold start or non function O2 sensor and 30% is bad ECT sensor but what about these .7 etc readings should it be whole numbers?

When the reading started to range after reconnecting the sensor was it just coincidence that it seems to have gone into closed loop from cold start or could this be something else?

Car still won't get any hotter than 65deg idling. I am getting a new thermostat tomorrow and will install that. When I test it tomorrow, if it's still ranging I guess I need to look for a vacumn loss somewhere?

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