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Here's an update.
We determined that the fan clutch was weak. My mechanic held the fan blade with his hand, and had me start the engine. He was able to hold the fan still with little effort, and when released, would start turning with little force....he "caught" it easily when moving, and forced it again to stop.

So we replaced the fan clutch.

After a couple of weeks of driving it like this, it still wasn't right. After about 12 miles of traveling to work, the temp needle would still creep upwards, past where it belongs.

I would usually then use the heater to cool it down.....that would keep the needle in the correct temp range. For a few minutes this would work well, but eventually the system would start to get too warm. As cool as it's been, this would not work once the weather warmed up.

So I decided to shop for a new radiator. I found a guy selling radiators on eBay, and asked him for a quote. He told me that he could supply me with a new radiator for $170. delivered price. So I used PayPal to email him funds, and soon had a new Valeo radiator at the door. This seemed like a very reasonable price to me. My radiator would be shipped from their NY warehouse, although I was dealing with the Ft. Lauderdale office.

Well, I installed the new radiator, and made a mess in the driveway doing so. One of my transmission lines was balky, and replaced it.
Got the new radiator in, and all hoses and lines hooked up, and began to fill with fluids.

Horrors! The fluid started leaking out the lower seam as soon as I stated to fill it. More mess, and now I had to test the warranty claims service from this radiator distributor.

After a couple of emails to my contact, I was told that a new radiator would be sourced, and sent out to me.

These guys put a new BEHR radiator into an employee's car, and had him personally deliver it to me on the other side of Florida.

It's in, and tight, no leaks.

That's Service!

So I can say that I would highly reccomend this outfit, if you are looking for a radiator to fit any of your vehicles.

I cannot say enough about the customer service of CROSSflow Radiator, and Tony in particular. Their man Edward drove all the way to me in Clearwater, from their warehouse in Ft. Lauderdale, on his day off.

CROSSflow Radiator
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Tony (sales rep) 954 383-0793

Thanks CROSSflow!
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