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idle stumbles then dies/hard to start

Usually I will notice this problem of stumbling and quiting when it has sat overnight or has sat for a while(time to cool down). Once the motor is hot and has been driven for a while, I have yet to notice this problem. It seems like if you put in reverse and it seems like the idle is stumbling, you had better be careful when you put back in drive and whiggle the gas pedal(giving gas) until it starts rolling. Once the car is driving, you don't have to worry about it quiting anymore. I have not checked the plugs,wires, dist. cap yet, but can start down the list. I did put some gas treatment in the tank once and it seemed to be much better. I didn't notice the problem as much. The best I can remember, I found paperwork where the plugs had been replaced about 25-30k miles ago. Do you think running a couple of bottles of Techron through it might help, as I have seen in other posts? But, as stated before, I seem to notice it more when the car has been sitting for a while or overnite. Thanks for all the help.

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