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Vacuum Lock


I did an search and got a lot of hits, but none answered my question.

This is for a 1980 300SD.

On the passenger rear door lock. The vacuum system to the interrior is disabled (because of so many leaks) When you push the lock down to lock the door it opens by itself, I disconnected the line from the actuator so it locks, but what is going on? I would like to make the vacuum system operational again. There does not seem to be an vacuum in the lines.

This is a separate problem the the window regulator on the front passneger door is broken. I have the regulator disconnected, but I cannot get it out because the window channel is blocking the motor. I even looked in the shop manual and it said to drill 3 20mm holes in the door to get to the bolts to disconnect the electric motor from the regulator, do I really need to drill the holes to get the regulator out?


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