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Hee hee
I know, I'm being silly --

I am buying this car to replace my 1988 BMW 750iL, which was written-off last month by a careless driver, but which was going strong with 299 HP stock, and about 30 HP from a chip-upgrade. (Boy, did it make a difference!)

In truth, I need about 50 hp / 1000 lbs, (along with decent gearing) to insure I can get in and out of heavy traffic, etc.

In Toronto, where I live, the roads are excellent; well-banked as well as well-maintained, and quite broad. However, rushhours are long and my drive home is long, and I tend to weave a LOT, so the extra torque (my 750 was a 12 cyl, so it didn't really KICK until I chipped it) makes a huge difference.

I am now driving my 300E (which is a wonderful and fun drive, even after 340,000 kilometres and with winter tires on her) since the write-off, and noticing the 177 stock, (probably 150 now, she's old) is pretty acceptable, but a tad disappointing compared, y'know?

So, I'm just asking to find out my options

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