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I couldn't agree more. I am not advocating just adjusting here and there without regard to results. I see no issue with adjusting boost to the high-end of the factory spec either with a Dawes or just the factory wastegate. The increase in boost will simply allow the ALDA to provide the factory-specified maximum fueling and the result will likely be a very good running MB. A small adjustment to the ALDA will LIKELY cause no harm but I did so with the full understanding of the consequences. Believe me when I am towing heavy with the truck, my foot to the boards I think I watch the EGT/Boost gauges more than the road! That engine is operating at the ragged edge of its design parameters. I am okay with that as I know what the limits are, I know what the consequences are and I am carefully watching to make sure that critical limits are not exceeded. All I ask is that people fully understand how things work before they go tweaking here and there. That they understand the risks and they know the limits of their machinery, monitor it with quality instrumentation, so that "ugliness" doesn't occur. RT
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