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I got the same impression as Early Bird. If that is what you are doing, that is NOT a good thing.

Use something to empty the reservoir, pour at least a quart of fresh fluid in the gadget, connect the gadget, check for good seal and pump it up. Then open each bleed screw one at a time and let it flow for a little bit, then close that screw. You will get an idea of how long to leave it open after a few wheels.

Start at the left front, then right front, left rear and right rear. This way you are moving the dirty fluid out of the closest caliper first so that it doesn't contaminate the fluid that is going to the next one down the line.

If your fluid has not been changed in two years, I'm quite confident that once you pump through a quart, it will be a lighter color in the reservoir than when you started. Totally clean fluid is almost completely clear with hardly any brown tint at all.

Good luck,
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