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We've been at -20 in Manitoba for a few weeks now. This damn frigid weather plays havoc with cars. I have a domestic with a carb and last week she started coughing and bucking on the highway in this cold weather. At the same time started fine cold then hard starting when hot - with pumping of the gas pedal to get it going then bucking under load. Not wanting to work on it in cold weather - I dumped a pint of gasline antifreeze into the tank and ran a can of carb cleaner through the carb and rinsed the outside of the carb down with another can. Three days so far - no more problems. Might be worth a try for you. Another tip for weather like this - never let your gas tank go below half full while it is so cold. Frost will form on the walls above the gas and melt into water when it warms up and cause icing problems when it gets cold again. If you park in a heated garage when it is -20 and go out with the car - it makes the frost to water problem worse.
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