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It's all a matter of personal preference or availibility. Mike, as for the Pagid/Textar/Jurid puzzle, Pagid and Textar are owned by a company called TMD Friction, who also owns Mintex. Jurid is the European division of Honeywell who also owns youknowwhat-dix. MB pabs can be made by a number of companies, since it all lies in supply and demand, I did brakes on my 420SEL, and the rear pads were Pagids with the MB shims glued on, the replacement ones were Textar with the same MB shim on it. But I was quite amazed whem I ordered a set of Textar pads with ATE rotors for the fronts, there was no MB shim on the replacement Textar pads, and the back, even though it had TEXTAR stamped in the same place as the OEM MB pads, there was a silicone "landing pad" for the piston.
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